Saving Your Dollars – Safe and Sultry

Saving Your Dollars – Safe and Sultry

So you’re rich? Then I’m telling you that it simply doesn’t matter how much dinero you have if you fail to be smart with your money.

Saving your dollars while you still have them will not only save you from being a lottery hopeful once you grow older but also give you more extras along the way. But what really are the best ways in saving your dollars?

A tried and tested way is spending less than you make. Don’t dig yourself into debt by buying (extra) things that will get you paying for the purchase interest all your life. Just a hint, if you don’t have the cash right now – then don’t buy. Tighten your belt even if you think you have lots of extras for spending – you’ll never know when you’re going to run out of it, most especially if you haven’t started any savings or investment plans.

So always strive to become a millionaire even if you already are, if not then chances are you only think you are. Seriously, you can be a millionaire any time, no matter how many times if you know how to put your every single penny in place. You can also lose all your money right after the day after you had it. So make money, and even more money, while you still can. You just can’t wait for the time when you see yourself becoming just like your bankrupt superstar before finally saving your dollars (or what’s left of it). We often hear sudden millionaires cry out with a teary eye “I never have to work a single day in my life” when the truth is that you’ll just never have enough money. Ask the day’s greatest money-makers what their greatest fear is you’ll probable get ‘the day when I stop making money’. Ok, you don’t have to work hard the way you used to, after all you deserve this treat for earning you your dollar heap – at least work out some plan to keep your dollars growing steadily.

What most people don’t know is that locking up enough money in a safe place for future use also is not enough. Saving your dollars should also include ‘saving for a rainy day’, more so, ‘preparing for a storm’. We can only estimate how great the bills, and extra bills, we’ll be paying for the future. What if you got sick, your house burned, you had triplets, got stripped off your inheritance, your wife’s a spender, or you lost your job? If you have money now, then make it grow. Saving your dollars now could mean having all of your days in the future shiny, even extra sultry.