Texas Holdem – 7 Keys To Winning Texas Hold’em

Texas Holdem – 7 Keys To Winning Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is the most popular game on the market right now and that means it’s the game you’re most likely to need to know how to play. None of us want to fall behind the times, so it is important to learn to play the game now. And, if you really want to impress your fellow poker players with your skill and winning rate, here’s all the tips you need to make your poker game the top game.

1. Watch your opponents. This is the most important tip you need to know. Since only some of the cards are community cards, Texas Hold’em is a closed poker game. If you want to know what’s in your opponents’ hands, you need to watch for the signs. Some of things to watch for are: sweating, swallowing, erratic breathing, twitching, fidgeting, lip biting, smiling, frowning and any repetitive motions. Many people wear hats and sunglasses to minimize their opponents’ abilities to read their physical appearance.

2. Watch your own physical appearance: As you watch your opponents, they are also watching you. Make sure you guard your own “tells” and movements to keep them from reading you.

3. Understand the game. There are two really important things that you need to remember about Texas Hold’em poker. First, you need to know that the two cards in your hand are the only cards you have to beat your opponents and second, the community cards are shared by the others. If the community cards are good, chances are that there are a lot of nice hands around the table. Use this information to influence your betting strategy.

4. Texas Hold’em is a bluffing game. Try it yourself and watch for it in your opponents. The most successful bluffers will have their opponents betting early in a hand and folding late in a hand. Remember, if you’re bluffing then you don’t want your opponents to make it to showdown when you’ll have to show your cards.

5. Know how to evaluate your cards. In Texas Hold’em, players are forced to make a betting decision even before they have a five card hand. In fact, the first round of betting occurs when only two cards are known to each player. When you look at your pocket cards, consider whether or not you should fold. You should always fold if you have two non-pair cards less than 10. Many poker players play very prudently, only remaining in a hand with very high or paired cards that can be part of a straight or flush.

6. Don’t waste your chips. Only bet if you have a good starting hand. Many expert poker strategists recommend playing Texas Hold’em with a tight and aggressive strategy. This means betting rarely on a hand and when betting always bet frequently and generously. Texas Hold’em is a game of patience. You must sit through many boring hands to get to a good one.

7. Don’t be afraid to fold if you’ve paid to see the flop. Just because you’re in the hand, doesn’t mean you should stay there. Remember, a tight game will reap more rewards in the end. The most important thing to remember is not to let yourself get sucked in too far with a weak hand.