Thai Lotto – How to Win the Lucky Number in the Thai Lotto

The Thai lotto was first published on King Chulalongkorn’s birthday in 1868. King Chulalongkorn commissioned an Englishman to run the lottery. He named Mr. Alabaster as the director of the lottery office. As a result, lottery tickets in Thailand were designed in the European style. While men play lottery more often, women are more likely to play. The lottery is popular among both genders, but the numbers are drawn randomly, not by computer.

The lottery was first drawn in the Rama V area of Bangkok. The lottery was modeled after the European system, with tickets distributed in the Concadia Building within the Grand Place compound. Thousands of lottery veterans were arrested, accused of monopoly, and criticized the system. A new lottery scheme will increase the number of tickets available by 7-8 million. The lottery is the second most popular form of entertainment in Thailand, after the Thai royal family.

The Thai lottery is drawn twice monthly, on the first and sixteenth. In order to claim your prize, you must visit the GLO office in Bangkok. For details, visit our page. Here, you can find out what your lottery results will be on the day of your draw. When you win, you can also visit the GLO office to claim your prize. There are no fees for playing the lottery, and rewards cannot be claimed from banks or financial institutions.

Although หวยอาจารย์หนู is not popular in the west, it is still popular in Thailand. In fact, it is now open to foreigners. The lottery is held on the first and 16th of every month. Thai people usually play the lottery on the first day of the month, which makes it easier for foreigners to participate. The first draw is on the 1st, and you can win a lot of money here. The jackpot can reach 24 million baht.

If you’re serious about winning the lottery, you should consider reading a Thai lottery ebook. Several foreign players don’t perform as well as they would like. They don’t follow the right principles to be successful. Thai lotto is a numbers game and requires time and effort to build a set of winning numbers. A good Thai lottery ebook will teach you winning strategies and how to apply them to your personal circumstances. With diligent effort, you’ll find good results!

To claim a prize, you must contact the office of the lottery. Prize money is usually paid within two years after the draw date. Winners must pay a two percent withholding tax. However, prize money less than 20,000 Baht will be paid in cash, which means that you’ll have to pay 2 percent in tax. For more information, visit the official GLO website. If you win the Thai lottery, you can feel the excitement and satisfaction of winning big!

The Thai Lottery is administered by the Government Lottery Office. The head office takes 28% of all Thai lottery profits. In 2017, 19.2 percent of Thai citizens bought tickets and spent a total of US$2.3 billion. เลขอาจารย์หนู of the Thai Government lottery is three million baht. Ticket holders can also win the lottery on the Thai Charity Lottery (TCL).

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